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Eaton products and solutions power many different kinds of infrastructure, facilities and machinery all over the world. From simple products such as light switches, to incredibly complex large-scale systems to power utility grids and data centers.

Our portfolio can be broadly arranged into five core categories: aerospace, electrical, filtration, hydraulics and vehicles. Efficiency, safety and sustainability lie at the heart of every product we manufacture and every system that we build. Explore the categories below to discover the extraordinary reach of our innovative solutions.


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We are global leaders in power distribution, power quality, control and automation, and monitoring products and services across a wide array of markets.

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Our innovative aerospace products power hundreds of military and commercial aircraft platforms worldwide. We pride ourselves on customizing solutions for today’s industry needs with a focus on improved reliability, weight reduction and fuel efficiency, while developing new technologies for next-generation aircraft designs.

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Our filtration products are designed for efficiency in a diverse and demanding range of markets, applications and environments, helping to optimize performance and quality, as well as site and plant productivity.

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Whether your products move, turn, shape, hold, lift, dig or haul, you can depend on our hydraulics products to deliver the performance you need to stay competitive.

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Our vehicle products and systems, including emission control components, engine valves, valvetrain systems and superchargers, are designed to improve overall efficiency, performance and power.

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Find the product you’re looking for quickly and easily with our online product catalog. Search and view all the information you need on each product in seconds, including features and benefits, technical specifications and manuals.

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