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And unbox the energy revolution

Why should I add energy storage to my portfolio?

Around one million homes in the UK have solar installed and have the potential for adding storage to optimise their consumption of self-generated renewable energy. Are you ready to capitalise on the emerging, exciting energy storage market in the UK, predicted to grow to be worth £5 billion?

If you are MCS Registered (or in the process of joining), as well as having a recognised Electrical Installation Registration (such as NICEIC, NAPIT etc) you could be part of our exciting Authorised Installer Programme.

Become a Partner

As an xStorage Authorised Installer you can:

Grow your business

Households want clean, sustainable energy and they also want control over their energy.

Eaton's xStorage Home offers UK homes the most efficient and effective way to store electricity to maximise self-consumption for cost savings and grid efficiency, whilst ensuring energy security.

To become an xStorage Home Authorised Installer you'll complete comprehensive training to gain product knowledge and best practice for installations at Eaton's dedicated facility in Bedford.

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As an xStorage Authorised Installer your business can also benefit from:

• New sales opportunities and leads

Priority updates of product, technology and regulation developments

Priority support via phone, email & WhatsApp

Access to exclusive competitions and programmes

Access to Eaton marketing tools and resources

Full use of the Eaton Authorised Installer logo

Listing of your business on Eaton's Installer Locator

A host of other benefits to help support your business

xStorage Home training facility in Bedford

Preview of Eaton’s purpose-built xStorage Home training facility in Bedford, United Kingdom

Help build a stronger future

Today we are more reliant than ever on electricity, plugging in a growing array of appliances and gadgets. This trend is set to continue as electric cars and vans grow in popularity. Yet we expect everything to work seamlessly, 24/7.

When it comes to powering our homes and operating our appliances we expect our electrical installations to be robust and unobtrusive, yet flexible and scalable to meet our changing energy needs. Above all, safety should be number one priority when it comes to installing electrics in any home.

As an xStorage Home Authorised Installer you'll be able to boost revenues and profits by providing homeowners with Eaton's residential electrical and power components and accessories that are designed to meet today's complex energy needs.

Supporting our community

Each and every household that you install xStorage Home in will be empowered to maximise consumption of clean, sustainable energy they produce with their solar panels. Your customers will have more control over their energy supply, topping up with off-peak electricity to minimise bills.

Each system will be able to earn additional revenues by participating in grid balancing. These valuable services help to ensure the wider grid is prepared for more clean and renewable energy capacity, helping the UK transition away from fossil fuel power generation to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Build the future

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