Channelling Data Centre Energy

A reliable and safe power chain assures the availability of the data centre and meets service level expectations

Improved Reliability and Resilience of Mission-Critical Facilities

In a 24/7 'always-on' business, reliability and resilience become the top priorities for collocation and enterprise data centres. But the practicalities needed to create a reliable and resilient data centre can often run counter to keeping it always-on. Consequently, the design, build or retrofit of a data centre should consider what will impact system reliability, power availability and up-time. A deeper understanding of power distribution operation and design – including safety, industry standards and maintenance – is essential. Only then can data centre professionals design and build an intrinsically safe and auto-adaptive power chain to keeps energy flowing around the data centre.

In a data centre power chain, the UPS and power distribution systems must be sufficiently reliable and resilient to support mission-critical loads, protect against unscheduled events. What's more, they must integrate with other data centre and IT applications, and comply with industry standards. Naturally, power management equipment providers have the expertise to help make the proper power management decisions.

Janne Paananen, Technology Manager, Eaton

Intelligent Power

A multi-layer approach to powering your data centre