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Power management – an essential part of IT infrastructure

Fast moving market dynamics and competitive pressures mean businesses need scalable, flexible and compatible IT infrastructures. Yet, power quality and power management are areas that can easily be overlooked in efforts to optimise data centre and IT infrastructure. That's a huge mistake: whatever your IT system is, power can fail, causing devastating consequences to IT infrastructure and the business overall. With that in mind, organisations need a robust intelligent power management strategy if they want to fully reap the benefits of their modern IT architectures and avoid business continuity risks. A strategy that means the organisation can always be confident of efficiency, low costs, and business continuity.

By introducing and bringing together an innovative mix of hardware and software, Eaton offers intelligent integrated solutions helping data centre engineers and IT professionals to ensure that their data room's physical infrastructure is reliable, the operational performance is optimal and business continuity is secured.

By offering intelligent monitoring and management of the physical infrastructure and putting it within the context of a virtual or cloud environment, an integrated power management system gives the data centre manager the intelligence required to plan and optimise every aspect of IT operations for availability, agility and energy efficiency.

Dennis O´Sullivan, Data Centre Segment Manager, Eaton EMEA

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