How does adaptive evacuation work?

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Crystalway matrix emergency exit sign

The Matrix CGLine+ is an adaptive escape sign luminaire that enables real-time adjustment of exit routes according to the nature and location of a hazard. Matrix CGLine+ can adjust the direction of the arrow it displays, with the aim of improving the speed and safety of emergency evacuations in commercial buildings.

The self-contained Matrix escape sign luminaire displays an arrow that can point in any one of four different directions. The additional ability to scroll the arrow from one side to the other increases its visual impact among the general population and helps to alert people with hearing impairments. It can also display a red cross to indicate that a particular exit route has become closed, blocked or dangerous. Making it a powerful tool when containment measures are the safest option. In such an emergency, it will not only lead occupants to but also keep them in a safe place.

How is the Matrix CGLine+ luminaire activated to adapt to the safest escape route?

In normal mode, the Matrix exit sign works exactly as a standard exit sign luminaire would, with all the necessary regulatory compliance.

In adaptive mode, (see above) they are able to indicate one of a number of different directions, based on a series of pre-programmed scenarios. This functionality can be activated manually from a central control room, based on CCTV footage, for example, or can be triggered automatically by specific local devices such as smoke alarms or panic buttons.


How is the self-contained adaptive-enabled CGLine+ system installed and maintained?

Ease of installation is always a key consideration during the design process and Eaton’s self contained Adaptive Evacuation System is no exception. The adaptive-enabled CGLine+ is installed in the same way as its predecessor, but with additional inputs and back-up power ports. Operation of the system is reliant upon sophisticated cause-and-effect programming which should only be carried out by an appropriately trained specialist.

Ongoing maintenance of the system is aided by an automatic testing function, which runs continuous checks and issues alerts when any fault is identified. This enables remedial work to commence immediately and overcomes the time, cost and inconvenience associated with carrying out manual checks on a regular basis.

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