Automatic Test and Monitoring

Enhanced safety and reduced maintenance cost

Emergency lighting must be fully functional to provide protection in case of failure of the general lighting

Bringing all the best features from existing platforms, Eaton’s portfolio of self-contained emergency lighting has now been enhanced with the launch of its latest emergency lighting monitoring system for self-contained luminaires. Offering best in class functionality CGLine+ is the evolution of three existing systems combined into one. For smaller buildings a simple web-based HMI is available and for larger sites supported by CGVision software, the system is capable of monitoring from 1 to over 25000 luminaires offering the scalability your project requires.

Even if a single safety luminaire or exit sign luminaire fails, depending on the particular local conditions, there is a significant risk of accidents, for example in a stairway. For this very reason legislation requires continuous testing of the emergency lighting.

Manual and automatic testing of luminaries

Self-contained luminaires

Self-contained luminaires without an automatic test function

The function test is performed in case of single self-contained luminaires by pressing a button on the luminaire, and the result must be recorded by hand in a log book. An additional duration test for the duration of the rated operating time must be performed every 6 months in accordance with AS2293. This test checks whether there is still sufficient battery capacity available. All log book entries must be kept on file for 4 years. If there are a large number of luminaires, manual testing is an extremely laborious process and therefore involves significant costs.

Automatic testing simplifies the process

Eaton has implemented automatic test functions in all CGLine+ self-contained luminaires. A microprocessor monitors and controls all functions of the luminaires. The required duration test are performed automatically. The test results are shown on site on the luminaire by a status indicator. Without a central monitoring device, the results must be recorded by hand in the log book and kept on file in paper form for at least 4 years.

Central controller provides more safety

The CGLine+ Web-Controller initiates the tests, displays the results centrally and stores them with ease in a paperless form in an electronic log book. The electronic log book can be printed off and shown on demand. This process ensures the safe operation of the building, and the building operator meets his duty of documentation.

CGLine+ Self-Contained Luminaire System

More luminaires.
More convenience.
More safety!

The new CGLine+ Web-Controller can visualise a total of 800 CGLine+ luminaires (four lines of maximum 200 luminaires each or two lines of maximum 400 luminaires each). This lowers investment costs for larger-scale projects.


  • Up to 800 luminaires monitored
  • Integrated web server available for convenient visualisation, control and monitoring
  • Maintain an overview: Allocate the luminaires to zones
  • Tests are not forgotten and are carried out at the right intervals for maximum safety
  • The electronic log book saves the need for manual logging
  • Automatic e-mail notification in case of faults
  • Selective assignment of commands
  • Upload build layouts for building management
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